Several things I wanted to tell you all. First, thank you all for all the support you have given us these last 4 years. You have been a blessing to me and my family in letting me teach your little ones. In saying that, we will be having our last class May 31st.
Also, we will not be having class May 10th or May 17th due to family obligations.
The rest of May will be having lots of fun lessons. We would love to see everyone one last time!

Melodies in Motion

Music and motion nurture a child’s language and social-emotional and physical development, while providing a fun and educational activity for children and parents.


*Helps toddlers to learn to speak by hearing repetition in songs
*Hearing rhymes helps children understand language, which is a foundation for reading
*Children will more likely sing a word they haven’t heard before
*Gain an understanding of sequencing and patterns
*Improves listening skills
*Nurtures imagination and creativity
*Helps strengthen memory skills
*Introduces sounds and meanings of words

*Children learn how to work cooperatively
*Teaches children to follow directions
*Helps children in making eye-contact
*Strengthens bond between caregiver and child
*Allows for self-expression

*Moving while learning enhances memory
*Clapping, rhythm, swaying to music helps in large muscle development
*Large and small muscles are used in playing instruments
*Improves coordination

Additional Information
*Parents accompany children and participate with them
*Parents are responsible for their child’s behavior
*Only parent/guardian may accompany child
*Available for ages newborn to four
*Cost will be $8 per family/session
*Punch card of four sessions for $28, not consecutive weeks
*Session Passes are 12 weeks for $60, that's $5 per class!
*Class will be held Fridays from 9:30-10:15
*In case of Olathe School District closing due to inclement weather, we will be closed